​  ​​​​​​​Upcoming Events - 2018



                                                                  Saturday, January 27, 2018:"Hike, Spa & Share"

                                                                  Horsetooth Reservoir and White Magnolia Spa, Ft Collins, CO. 

                                   All-Inclusive: $250...Wow! Limit: 6 guests.  A wonderful gift for you or someone you love.


​  Welcome in a BETTER New Year: More movement... More peace... Unlimited

  inspiration and motivation! We'll begin with an easy-moderate hike at Horsetooth

  Reservoir, 23 E (photo right), the visit the White Magnolia Spa (2203 S. College Ave)

  for private Spa treatments, a full healthy lunch, and uplifting life coaching!

                                                                                         Your Day Retreat Includes:

​                                                                                ~ Optional hike

                                                                                ~ 1-Hr Signature Massage

                                                                                ~ 1-Hr Signature Facial

                                                                                ~ Healthy lunch in lovely Yoga Room with radiant heated flooring

                                                                                ~ Mini Life Coaching Program with Mary Scott, MSW, including light stretch,

                                                                                   calming meditation, and dynamic coaching exercises to help you bring in

                                                                                   more of what you want in 2018, and clarify what you might need to let go

                                                                                   of in order to have that...

                                                                                ~ Special closing 

Space limited to 6 participants. To register, contact Mary today: 970-449-3665 or maryscottretreats@gmail.com.

To hold your space, non-refundable deposit for $75 is required. Send your deposit or full payment via personal check

to "Mary Scott", PO Box 1472, Berthoud, CO 80513 (Please include phone number and email on check).Upon receiving your payment, Mary will contact with exact directions and what to bring (i.e., loose, warm clothing and a willing heart!) 

​ Arrival: 7:45 am, Horsetooth Reservoir, 23 E. If not hiking, meet 10 am sharp at the Spa.  Departure: 4:30 pm.

It's going to be an incredible day--Can't wait to spend it with you! 



​                                   On-Going: "PTS & Moral Injury: How the Wounds Can Change Us

and What it Takes to Heal", Wednesdays, 5:30-7 pm, Loveland, CO (new location to coming soon)

Free educational groups for veterans and family members, dedicated to post-traumatic stress (PTS) and what is now known as "Moral Injury"/moral wounding, a painful and common condition experienced by both veterans and civilians. Fee: None.

What's a moral wound? Although moral wounding shares symptoms with PTS, it's distinctly different. While PTS is an anxiety-based condition resulting from exposure to life-threatening events, moral wounding can result from one experience that their moral code (their sense of right and wrong) has been deeply violated. Such a personal violation can result from one's own actions (e.g., injury to another via duty, self-protection, order, choice, or accident), or injurious actions received from another person or group (e.g., betrayal, abuse, false accusations, etc). Without "tending" these invisible wounds, the symptoms can affect us and our loved ones life-long. Please join us and learn what you can do to begin healing, or contact me for private consultation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                




                           Your Host:  Mary Scott, MSW. Mary has had the honor of serving hundreds of veterans and family members through her experience as former Program  Director and Education Facilitator for National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center in Angel Fire, NM, and as a Life, Trauma & Relationship

Coach in her home state of Colorado. As she continues to expands her understanding of the far-reaching wounds of war, she remains committed to serve

both veterans and civilians as they bravely move forward. 

Fall, 2018: "Retreat In Strength"                                       

A relaxing educational weekend for military veterans & their loved ones.             

Private location, Northern CO. For more information, call Mary:


Mary Scott, MSW


Complimentary Consults.

                                                             A Warm Welcome...

                                                             Greater peace of mind. Better work-life balance. A healthy body.

                                                             More fulfilling relationships. Well-prepared for important

                                                             career and life events. The confidence to meet any

                                                             challenge that comes your way...More fun!

                                                             Isn’t this what most of us really want?


                                                             Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats can help get you there.​ Providing individual Life

                                                             Coaching sessions, educational workshops, and small-group wellness vacations, Balance-Out

                                                             offers diverse opportunities for moving forward clearly and confidently with your work,

                                                             relationships, health, and future. Shed limiting beliefs about yourself and your past. Gain clarity

                                                             about your strengths and values.


                                                             Live life in line with who you really are...and who you want to be!


The Gifts of A Challenge

It took me years to recognize that there are precious gifts buried in our greatest trials... One rainy May in 1991, just two weeks after my last parent's memorial, I ascended Angels Landing, "one of the deadliest trails in the world" (Outside Magazine, '14). Edging around a crazy cone-like pinnacle of rock, free-climbing with only room for the balls of my feet, I looked down thousands of feet and froze. Flooded with fear and shame, I felt my troubled past rush in...and I knew I must decide. (For full story, go to Life Coaching, top.)

Angel's Landing, Zion National Park, UT 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats