​​​ Mary Scott, MSW

Life, Trauma, & Communications Coach, Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats


  •  Reducing symptoms of stress and trauma
  •  Improving communication and presentation skills
  •  Clarifying and setting career and relationship goals
  •  Releasing blocks and perceived limitations                                                                                                                                                                                                          

As a professional Coach, I provide diverse Coaching Programs suited to your individual needs and finances: 

  • Complementary consults by phone and in person
  • Hourly Coaching sessions, cost-effective packages, and
  • A highly-individualized "90-Day Custom Coaching Program", which clients really seem to like. This ensures the client's investment in themselves and the work they've signed up for, and provides a concrete blueprint for what we'll accomplish over our 12 weeks together.

​I'm passionate about people and places; both are what motivate me to get up each day and give it my all. I enjoy all outdoor activities, but especially love hiking and biking near my home in gorgeous Colorado.

Whether I'm with my husband, family, friends, or clients, I remain invested in who I'm with and whatever place I'm in; and there's certainly no shortage of wonderful people and places! Over time, I've come to see life--with all its hills and valleys--as one great adventure. I look forward to sharing some adventures with you...

​Master of Social Work, Simmons College School of Social Work, '95

Bachelor of Arts, Ohio Wesleyan University

Professional Experience

(2001 - Present) Life, Trauma and Communications Coach, providing personal, strategic coaching for professionals and military service veterans.

Founder, Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats, hosting small-group wellness retreats in exceptionally beautiful locations. ​Design

and facilitation of over 40 retreats, workshops and psycho-educational groups focusing on stress reduction, clarification of work and relationship challenges, health and fitness, and goal achievement.

(2011 - 2017) Program Director, Education Facilitator, and Trauma Coach, National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center, Angel Fire, NM.

The Center is 501-3c providing intensive retreats for veterans with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and Moral Injury, attending with their partner/spouse or support person. Mary has served in a leadership role since 2012, after joining the Center as a Trauma Coach in 2011 for numerous retreats. As a Program Director, Mary serves along side USAF veteran Ronald Ford providing design and co-facilitation of Experiential Education, individual consultation to Program participants, and hiring and managing counseling staff. 

(1992 - 2013) Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Master Social Worker, Social 

Work Assistant. Extensive case work with inner-city families in the Boston projects,

patients and families at Massachusetts General Hospital (Pediatric Intensive Care and

Hematology/Oncology), juvenile offenders, and other individuals experiencing

trauma, post-traumatic symptoms, addiction, and dual-diagnosis.

(1996) Assistant Program Director, Alternative Homes for Youth, a residential 

emancipation program for juvenile offenders, Lakewood, CO. Provided counseling

and program development, focusing on the needs of youth experiencing family-related

and environmental trauma, and assisting in the transition to adult life on their own.

Prior to her career in mental health, Mary performed Marketing Communications account management for two leading Boston software corporations, and provided freelance communications and public relations in the Boston area. 

Related Trainings and Post-Graduate Education include:

The Immune System & The Mind-Body Connection (Host: Institute for Brain Potential)

Compassion, Culture and Context: Multiple Lenses on Treating Trauma (Host: Simmons School of Social Work)                                                                                          

Restoring & Revitalizing Marital Sexuality (Host: Barry W. McCarthy, Phd)

Healing the Shame that Binds You: New Strategies for Healing Toxic Shame (Host: John Bradshaw)                                                                                                              

Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology (Host: David Feinstein, Phd)

Energy Psychology Tools: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) (Host: Candace Green)

Enneagram: A personality profile (similar to Myers Briggs) that presents nine distinct personalities or "lenses" through which individuals commonly see the world, and strategies for resolving interpersonal conflicts. Especially effective in understanding complex dynamics in intimate relationships. 

Guided Imagery/Visualization: Assists individuals in making cognitive and behavioral changes as replacement of negative thoughts and images with positive ones is encouraged. Especially effective with individuals experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress, as guided visualization commonly soothes the nervous system, often reducing confusion, anger and anxiety, providing a greater sense of clarity and calm.

"One of the most self-empowering and easy tools I use is the Emotional Freedom Technique. It was used with 911 survivors and military service veterans, and is validated by research studies that show a substantial reduction in symptoms of trauma.

I use it with my clients and myself--just give it try!"


Cheryl Richardson, Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique

​Choose any symptom you want to reduce and follow along with this​


Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats

(Look for a new site coming soon: Heart Scars 6, LLC, dedicated to Veterans & family)


"Working one-on-one with Mary, I was able to literally shift my way of being in the world—from living in a state of anxiety where I spent too much time worrying about what others think to living in the moment. She helped me recognize and move beyond my limiting beliefs about myself and become more of the person I want to be. I now define myself on my own terms rather than being defined by others.  Thank you, Mary!"
                                                 - K. H.

"Mary really helped my wife and I relate to each other and to ourselves with greater compassion, understanding, and love, and this has enabled us to make dramatic, positive changes in our relationship and our lives. Mary's wisdom, insight, and nurturing nature have truly made a difference for us."
                                      - Tom