Why bother to pursue a better life?

As I once read, "to experience whatever wonder might be just around the corner." 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Happiness" is a Choice
Feeling happy is a proven choice. No matter your individual "set point"

for feeling contentment--which scientists say we're born with--you

can learn to choose a mindset that allows you to experience

happiness despite hardship...and you decide your own definition. 


To thrive in my own life, I've had to learn to make this choice, and I

continue to practice making it every day. This doesn't mean I don't feel

frustration or pain; I do. Real happiness comes from choosing how we

see each situation (past, present, future), training ourselves to

react accordingly, and finding opportunity even in the most difficult

circumstances. That's really the key.








New Eyes, New Life 
Most of us share very human challenges: loss, grief, physical pain, relationship and work conflicts, and financial worries. Yet positive change can happen. Drawing on an in-depth knowledge of psychology, communications, business, and general health, I will help you get very clear about what you 
want, so you can make choices in line with your natural skills and values. Then we'll pin-point any limiting beliefs that might be in your way, map out fresh ways of thinking and seeing, and take the necessary steps to get you where you really ​want to go.
Over the years, I've seen some of the most difficult situations turn
around quickly.

So no matter how frustrating things might feel now, it's possible to see your

challenges​ through new eyes, release your stress and pain, and realize the happiness

you really want.


How I Got Here... (Continued from Home Page)
It's May 1991. I had just returned from my mother's memorial, needed a little R&R, and thought a

visit to Utah’s Zion National Park would be perfect. Although I never got the rest I needed, I did

get a life-saving dose of reality.

Invited to join a group for a hike up Angel's Landing, I didn’t know then that Angel’s Landing is flanked by thousand-foot drops, typically

navigated without ropes, and called "one of the deadliest trails in the world" (Outside Magazine, '14).

The thin rock path was easy, but I didn't look down. Near the top, my group was far ahead. So I inched up and around the steepest part alone--a crazy cone-like pinnacle with only room in places for the balls of my feet. I looked down then and froze, flooded with shame and fear. Terrified, I felt my past rush in: years of self-doubt, childhood resentment, grief over lost loved ones, and lost time. To move ahead, I had to release the unsure person I was or likely slip and die. I'd been looking fine on the outside—good job and close friends--but slowly falling apart inside, denying my 

strengths and the life I really wanted.

Reaching the actual “Landing”, my group was waiting: no “Angels” there, just a giant, severely tilted
slab of rock thousands of feet above ground. Feeling dizzy, I dropped to my knees dreading the trip down. 

Later in my motel, I found little comfort as a hard rain pounded the glass. After two more days of closed

parks, a lot of self-reflection, and some big decisions, I returned to Colorado inspired. 


 Soonafter, I formed Balance-Out to help others let go of the past,

reclaim their strengths, and meet challenges with new eyes.

 Now years later, it's still my passion to help others overcome severe stress, loss, financial strain, lack of life purpose, low self-esteem, poor health, divorce,

 and trauma. Such things can challenge all of us, and "happiness" can seem like​ something others have, but not us. 


                                                     Don't buy it! It's not true.

By                                                 By assigning a positive meaning to all that has been and is to come, we reclaim our freedom and strength.



                                              Life is filled with so many wonders and opportunities; we just need to look for them--and trust that our life can be a good one

                                                    despite our circumstances. Whether you're preparing for a new job, want to improve a relationship, are ready to let go of the

                                                    past, or dream of transforming your life, I'd be honored to be your Coach! After over 20 years as a mental health professional,

                                                    I'm well-equipped to help you sustain greater fulfillment and peace of mind.

In addition to personal Coaching, Balance-Out provides uplifting group experiences to re-discover the fun and sense adventure your younger self may have lost or perhaps never knew. Whether you join me for an educational workshop or a wellness and fitness retreat, you'll learn to let go of the past, grab hold of the present and realize a healthier, happier future--no matter what comes your way.

What To Expect: A Strategic Plan, Concrete Tools, & Clear Goals
Telling our story puts our full attention on “the problem". Although this is a necessary part of healing and helpls raise our awareness, too often conventional "talk therapy" stops there. If our story is repeated over and over, it can keep us stuck in our negativity, anger, sadness, fear, or perceived lack. That's why I use a straight-forward Client-Coach exchange, conventional and new, cutting-edge tools, and dynamic exercises to help my clients shift old patterns, get very clear about what they want, set attainable goals, practice new actions, and tap into strengths they already possess.


​​The Importance of Working with the Whole Self
I look at the whole person: head, heart, body and soul. This more integrative approach helps provide a solid foundation for greater fulfillment and balance in all areas of you and your life. All aspects of you are included in the process, so you enjoy greater health and happiness.

After we agree what's most important to work on, sessions typically include:

​​​   -  Confidential discussion to learn more about you, what's working for you, and where you might feel stuck
   -  Powerful written and verbal exercises to affirm strengths, values and skills, and clarify any obstacles
   -  Understanding of current physical condition, and any limiting impact on overall health
   -  Exploration of any spiritual or religious beliefs as defined by you, and their influence on your outlook 
   -  Blueprint of all goals, action steps, and reasonable timeline to achieve them
   -  Guided visualizations to reduce anxiety, increase calm, and provide greater clarity
   -  Release techniques to help free emotional distress, limiting thoughts, and even unwanted physical symptoms
   -  Home exercises to encourage your progress and help ensure your success.

​​Veterans, Family Members and Other Loved Ones
Many things inspire me, but one of the most influential experiences I've had is my work with our military service veterans.

In 2011, I was invited to serve National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center, a 501-c3 for Veterans experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress. This 7-day residential program allows Veterans to attend at no cost along with a family member or other support person. After initially working with participants as a counselor/trauma coach, I then moved to Program Co-Director from 2012 - 2017, developing program content, facilitating group Education, managing counseling staff, and continuing to counsel participants privately. I resigned from my position there in June 2017, to expand services to Veterans closer to my home in Colorado.

Such in-depth work continues to be deeply meaningful to me, increasing my respect and admiration for those who triumph over the most challenging circumstances. Thank you to all who have crossed my path! Soon I'll be releasing a new business, Heart Scars 6, LLC, dedicated to Veterans, family members and others impacted by military service and the Veteran's return to civilian life. 

I look forward to working with you through individual consultation, education, and retreats!  

​​​​"Working one-on-one with Mary, I was able to literally shift my way of being in the world—from living in a state of anxiety where I spent too much time worrying about what others think to living in the moment. She helped me recognize and move beyond my limiting beliefs about myself and become more of the person I want to be. I now define myself on my own terms rather than being defined by others.  Thank you, Mary!"
                                                - K. H.


"During a recent retreat, my wife and I felt lucky to have Mary assigned to us. We immediately warmed to her open style. Each daily session (with “homework”) proved tough, tender and busy.

We never had enough time to spend with her. Mary’s humor and insight got us over "walls” we had created in our marriage, and to once again be more loving despite my PTSD and my wife’s grief from losing a daughter."
                                                         - Lewis  A., U.S. Veteran

"I would recommend anyone to seek Mary Scott for guidance in their life; she is a jewel to know and work with. Mary helped me rid myself of old beliefs using emotional freedom techniques and other tools. Her guided visualizations and meditations helped me through my grief and other personal issues I was struggling with for years. I appreciated her honesty and strict confidentiality at all times."
               - Mary McCormick, New England



Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats

(Look for a new site coming soon: Heart Scars 6, LLC, dedicated to Veterans & family)