The Benefits of Great Food Might be

Greater Than You Think

When working with a chef to prepare the menu for any of my events, we put a lot of care into what foods will not only be good for our guests, but also bring them the greatest pleasure! We all know healthy foods are vital: they supply the nutrition our immune system needs to function optimally in the present and lay a strong foundation for healthy years to come

Diverse, unprocessed, healthy foods can

also reduce our body fat, increase our

energy level, and even help us think

more clearly... 

But have you considered the incredible

benefit to your emotions when you eat

healthy and it also tastes amazing? Food

that looks unhealthy doesn't have to be!

When we experience "negative" or limiting emotions, we often crave processed sugars and unhealthy fats--often unbalancing our emotions further as blood sugars rise and fall. Yet when we choose delicious foods daily that offer the five basic food "tastes" (bitter, sweet, sour, salty, and "umami"), our emotions begin to balance-out, clarity and energy improve, and best of all, eating remains one of our greatest pleasures. 

How much of a good thing is too much? See my favorite (and by far the easiest!) guide for life-long nutrition,"The 5 Habits Cheat Sheet" (click to see PDF).

To shop healthy, delicious and affordable, check out the online natural and organic Shop by "Steals", "Paleo", "Gluten Free" and more...

"I met Mary at a time of my life when each  day seemed grey and pointless. Her caring style helped me uncover inner strengths, and changed my outlook on family, friends, and community. Thanks to Mary, my rainy days are opportunities, not obstacles, to appreciate how giving our lives can be."
                                 - P. L., New England

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to a new world of personal growth!  Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats provides professional, private Coaching and rejuvenating small-group Wellness Retreats for women and couples in gorgeous locations. If you'd like to create more of the life you really want, and enjoy some of life's healthiest pleasures and place, then explore these diverse opportunities from Balance-Out.

Our Life Coaching Retreats are luxuriously small (8-12 guests

max), and feature a dynamic, organized yet flexible program.

Balance-Out offers hiking, biking, kayaking, Nordic skiing, yoga, sightseeing, Life Coaching workshops, and private Coaching sessions--all in exceptional locations.

Designed for all fitness levels and all walks of life, these memorable, healthy vacations deliver profound relaxation and opportunity. These retreats create fresh perspective on your life by combining healthy movement, group activity and delicious meals with quiet creativity, guided imagery, and free time. 

   Award-Winning Personal Chef,

"Chef Garbo"

Women's Wine & Wisdom, 2015


"Choosing Happy" Retreat

Devil's Thumb Resort & Spa, 2015


Your Host Mary Scott


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"I had the pleasure of attending one of Mary's groups as well as a retreat in which she introduced visualizations and stress reduction techniques that I still carry with me to this day.

I've been especially impacted by Mary's exercises that have led to a greater capacity

for forgiveness and self acceptance. Mary is a gifted healer and has motivated me to change my life for the better."
                                     - Amy Fiorilli, LCSW


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